The uniqueness of Tooth Filing Ceremony


Tooth filing ceremony in Bali, is one of a series of activities for the “Manusa Yadnya” ceremony (religious ceremonies to humans). Also called Mepandes / Metatah / Mesangih, and it is held for children who already step on adulthood. In Hindu religion beliefs, this ceremony aims to control six vices that exist in humans, known as Sad Ripu, included lust, greedy, anger or rage, drunk blinded the minds, feeling confused, and jealousy / envious.

In its implementation, tooth filing ceremony in Bali is not as scary as the name implied. Cut teeth does not mean cut the teeth but the teeth only average filed, 6 rows of upper teeth, including canines, as a symbol of cleansing bad traits described above. In general, these unique events coupled with other religious ceremonies such as cremation or marriage. And are usually carried out together with relatives family who have stepped up into adult and have never done this ceremony, of course.


Truthfully, tooth filing ceremony in Bali is the task of parents to their children, because the meaning is parents give good advice so bad qualities that exist in children can be controlled. One prohibition to attend this event is for the women who are pregnant. And in certain occasions this ceremony can be held in bulk (together in one village).


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