The Amazing Welcome Dance You Have to See, Pendet Dance

Pendet Dance is a the oldest welcome dance on Bali Island. This dance has become an inseparable part of the spiritual life of the Hindus in Bali. According to some records, balinese art experts agreed that Pendet Dance was born in 1950. Pendet Dance performed not only for welcome important guests, but in every Balinese dance performances, Pendet Dance is always used as the main opening dance.

Pendet Dance is kind of welcome dance that performed by a group of young women, each of dancers carrying a silver bowl containing colorful flowers. And at the end of the dance, the dancers sprinkle the flowers that they bring to the audience or guests who are welcomed as a welcome greeting.


At first, Pendet Dance used as a complement of piodalan ceremony at the temples or family shrine, as a symbol of gratitude, respect, and joy while welcoming the presence of the gods who descend from heaven.

The initiator of Pendet Dance are the two artists who were born in Sumerta Village, Denpasar. They are I Wayan Rindi and Ni Ketut Reneng. They both created Pendet Dance with four dancers who performed as part of the tourism performance at some hotels in Denpasar, Bali. And in 1961, I Wayan Beratha developed this dance and increase the number of dancers become five dancers, like oftenly performed nowadays.


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