Wonderful Balinese Tradition Using a Hundred of Sticks


Grebek Mekotek or oftenly well known as Mekotek is one of Balinese Tradition that only exist at Munggu Village, Mengwi district, Badung regency, Bali. The location is not too far from Tanah Lot. The implementation of Mekotek Celebration is exactly on Kuningan Day or 10 days after Galungan Day. Mekotek ceremony was originally held to welcome the royal Mengwi war fleet that have passed through Munggu area and go into the battle, Mekotek is also celebrated to welcome the troops when they gets a victory in war with Blambangan kingdom in Java Island. Back to the Dutch colonial era, this tradition was never eliminated, but then disaster occured, suddenly 11 people died among the Munggu citizens, then through tough negotiations with the colonial, the celebration can be re-celebrated until now.

Mekotek celebration was once used spears that made from iron, which gives spirit to the troops at the battlefield, but as the time goes by and to avoid the participants who were injured, the spear was replaced with a rod of wood that already flayed. The length is about 2 – 3.5 meters. The celebration is in Kuningan Day. All participants dressed up in traditional clothing, gathered at Pura Dalem Munggu, almost all citizens from 12-60 years come to celebrate. Then a wooden stick pitted until make a noise like “tek tek” and it have been collected until shaped like a pyramid.

The same thing was also done by another group, forming a stick like a cone and will be reunited with each other. People that stand above a collection of sticks will give a command like warlords and crash it with other groups. With a gamelan accompaniment spur the spirit of participants on the ceremony. Even though it is a bit dangerous, but it is fun. Not all of participants can reach the top, but everyone were happy. Moral message that could be taken from this Mekotek Ceremony is “wars do not always lead to hostility and fatalities”. This uniqueness tradition of Mekotek Ceremony oftenly become a centre of attention for tourist who have a holiday in Bali.


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