Discovery Pandan War | Balinese Unique Traditions

Bali is well known with various cultures and tradition, Bali have so many culture heritages that strongly stick to its people. The cultures and tradition also came from many region in Bali with its own characteristic. This culture and tradition that usually become the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourist.

Cultures and tradition in Bali is have no end and always unique to talk. One of Balinese Tradition is Perang Pandan (Pandan War) that held every year in Tenganan Village, it is a village in Bali Aga that located at Karangasem regency, Bali. Tradition of Pandan War or in Balinese language it called as “Mekare-kare” that held by every youth wearing typcal outfit of Bali and also shirtless. This tradion begin with doing a ritual surround the village to ask some protection and salvation so that the tradition will smoothly occurred.

The main equipment in Pandan War is shield that usually made from bamboo and the pandan leaves that has a sharp thorns. Pandan war is held by a pairing people that one of them become an enemy. Similar with boxing match and there is a person to lead a match like referee. The match will be over after one of participants have given up with their enemy. Because the sharpness of the pandan’s thorn, almost all participants get grazed and bleeding. After the Pandan War has over, all participants will be cured with traditional medicines that have been prepared and usually made of grated turmeric and coconut oil. The end of this tradition is all participants or the villagers will eat the dish that has prepared together or in Balinese language it called “Megibung” and here we can see the togetherness of Balinese people.


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