Megibung Tradition | A Sensational Meals Together

Besides have so much beautiful tourism destinations, Bali also rich with its culture and unique traditions. One of the unique tradition is Megibung. Megibung is one of cultures heritage where everyone eating together in one crock. Everyone can feel free to eat without hesitate in Megibung Tradition. Megibung is full of togetherness, everyone can know and recognize each other also strengthen the friendship between one and another.

Megibung or eating together is consist of 5 until 8 persons in one crock.There is no difference between man or woman and there is no difference of caste or skin color. Everyone sit and eat together, but in the next generation, man and woman have to be separated except they are one family or close friend. This Tradition still firmly entrenched in Karangasem, Bali.

Megibung begins with cook Bali traditional foods together, include rice and the side dish. After done with cooking, people prepare those foods to be eaten. Rice putted in one crock that called “gibungan”, while the side dish is called “karangan”.

Megibung tradition held when there is a religious or custom ceremony in some places, especially in Karangasem area such as Yadnya Ceremony like wedding ceremony, odalan, ngaben, etc. At this activity, usually people who has a ceremony invited friends and family to see the process of the religious ceremony so that the ceremony occurred as expected.

There are some ethics that should be note in Megibung Tradition. Before eat, we have to wash our hand first, do not drop a crumb / leftovers of a mouth, do not take food next to us, if one of people had been satisfied and full, they are forbidden to leave their friends, although this rule is not written but still followed by the participants of Megibung.


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  1. This is fascinating and really cool.


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