The Euphoria of Ngelawang Barong Performance in Bali

ngelawang2There is one of famous Balinese Tradition named Ngelawang Tradition. Ngelawang Tradition is one of ritual to rejecting disaster for Hindus people. Ngelawang Tradition held every six months between Galungan Day and Kuningan Day. As its name “Ngelawang” which means Lawang (door) and also means as performance from village to village, market, even in the middle of the road. It is using a Barong Bangkung that is Barong that shaped like a pig, accompaniment by Gamelan Bebarongan or Gamelan Betel. The purpose of Ngelawang Tradition is to protect from the evil spirit and to protect villagers from any disease caused by those evil spirit itself.

Ngelawang comes from mythological story of Beautiful Goddesses named Ulun Danu who was got alteration become a kind hearted giant and always help the villagers to drive out an evil spirit and give a Tirtha Amertha. At first, this ritual is a sacred and magical ritual. Sanctified and sacred stuffs such as barong and rangda carried surrounding the village or district with purpose to protect the villager with noetic way, and then the feathers that splattered from rangda or barong will be collected by the villagers with full of trust to make that stuff become a fortune stuff. Nevertheless in its journey, because of Balinese people’s creativity, they make a replica of those sacred stuff and Ngelawang Tradition held like usually performed by the children, and they paid as a thanks greeting.

ngelawang3Barong costume is generally described a mixture between lion and tiger also a cow. In its body is decorated with leather ornament, a pieces of glass, also completed with feather that made from pandan fiber. The barong is played by two dancers (juru saluk and juru bapang). One of dancer take a position at front to move the head and front leg part of Barong, either the other dancer take a position at back to move the tail and back leg of Barong.

ngelawang4Culture and tradition of Ngelawang is a heritage from long time ago and has so many arts and sacred value eventhough it is currently have had a friction. At tourism area, Ngelawang Tradition became attracting performance for tourists. They appreciate children’s creativity who built and conserved their cultural heritage.


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