Gebug Ende, Balinese Traditional Fighting

Bali has many various cultures and traditions. Each of Balinese traditions has its own meaning and uniqueness. One of unique tradition is Gebug Ende. Gebug means hit with all one’s might using a cane made from rattan with 1,5-2 meters length. Ende means shield that used for parry a punches. Gebug Ende has an arts element, such a mixture of dance and dancer’s dexterity to play their cane and shield where while this attraction is going on, it is accompaniment by Gamelan rhythm which push ahead the dancer’s spirit to punch, avoid, and parry each other.

While Gebug Ende is going on, it is not only show the dexterity of the dancer, but Gebug Ende has a sacred value which is really hallow for the villagers around. Gebug Ende is a classic art that performed every summer with purpose to invite the rain. This ritual is believed as the way to bring down the rain, played by 2 men or boys who bring their own cane or shield.

Before Gebug Ende starts, there is a first ritual that held with some offerings so the petition of all people will be granted. After it has done, the players of Gebung Ende which consist of 2 boys or 2 men with Balinese traditional outfit. Gebug Ende will be led by referee or in Balinese language called Saye. Before the game start, the referee tell the rules to the players which part that can be attacked.

Gebug Ende Tradition is one of culture heritage that indeed believed to bring down the rain. As people beliefs, rain will come if the battle can splash many bloods. As much the blood spilled over, the rain will come faster.

There is no specific time to play this game. Exactly the game will over if one of the player is recessive enough. If you want to see Gebug Ende Tradition while you travel to Bali, you can visit Karangasem area.


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