Mapeed Tradition | A Unique Balinese Parade

Bali is well known with thousands of tradition because there are so many different traditions held in Bali. Every side and every area in Bali has their own tradition. But there is one of Balinese tradition that held in all areas in Bali. It is also unique thing you can see while you have a holiday in Bali.

This is the one of Balinese Parade called Mapeed. It is held by the Balinese women in white or yellow kebaya because those colors are symbolizing purity, lined up along with fruits arrangement of offerings towering on its head.

Mapeed is taken from word ‘peed’ means ‘like a parade‘. This tradition has already existed since 1711. It is a manifestation of Balinese Hindus gratitude to the God. Now, it has become a cultural heritage from generation to generation. Mapeed usually held on the village while there is Balinese ceremony. Married women set their hairdo called sanggul.

Mapeed usually accompanied by Balinese marching or gongs, drums and cymbals called baleganjur which they can walk more than 1 km distance. The procession is always keep by Balinese security called Pecalang who usually wear the black and white uniform. The arrangement of towering fruits that they bring on their head called Gebogan. Fruits, flowers and cakes arranged in a kind of tray called Dulang. It has a height average of 1 meter and makes Mapeed or this Balinese parade become so amazing.

After the Mapeed procession has done or they arrived at the temple, the woman who be a participants will help by the Balinese holy people called Pemangku to take the Gebogan into the holy place. And after purifying with the holy water called Tirtha, then the ceremony begins.


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