Nyakan Diwang | The Unique Traditions in Buleleng

Bali is well known with so many traditions and cultures inside. Each region has their own traditions and each traditions has different characteristic. There is one of unique Balinese Tradition, which is Nyakan Diwang tradition. This tradition is hereditary held in Banjar Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency. Nyakan Diwang is held one day after Balinese Silent Day or Nyepi Day. Nyakan Diwang means cook on the road.

nyakandiwang2-01Nyakan Diwang Tradition was initially held since hundreds year ago. This tradition is cook rice outside the house exactly on the side road of Banjar Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency. This is actually one of unique tradition that still exist in Bali, but Nyakan Diwang Tradition is less known by people outside Banjar District because this tradition have never expose on the media.

Based on history of ancestor, Nyakan Diwang Tradition is a series of Nyepi Day celebration. Nyakan Diwang held with purpose as a form of purify the house especially purify the kitchen in every family in Banjar Village.

This hereditary beliefs and tradition that believed by doing Nyakan Diwang Tradition, every members of family and other people that doing this tradition will be free from “Leteh” that means dirty things. Thing that should be done while holding Nyakan Diwang is only cook rice exactly in the road side using a firewood.

When some family members cook rice, other family members stretch the mat and sit on the mat while enjoy a cup black coffee in early morning. Nyakan Diwang implementation has a proper time which is on 03.00 a.m. Every people in Banjar Village simultaneously go out of home without command. The most unique is on the sidelines during cook rice, there is a tradition where people visiting each other just for gathering. The implementation of gathering usually held on 04.00 a.m just for have some conversation and chill out.

Nyakan Diwang held based on local people senses. If people do not want to do this tradition, there are no threats or custom punishment from related village. It is one of positive appreciation that should be awarded to people in Banjar Village because they are still preserved their tradition.


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