The Splendor of Pagerwesi Day in Bali


Rahajeng Rahina Pagerwesi.. Today every Balinese people shout that word because today is one of Hindu Feast Celebration which called Pagerwesi Day. Aside of Hindu Silent Day or Nyepi Day, Balinese people also celebrate Pagerwesi Day that held once in 210 days or once in 6 months based on Hindu calendar. Pagerwesi Day has a meaning as a feast for everybody, the purpose of Pagerwesi Day is to fence soul in order to ablutions to receive the glory and blessings from the God of Creator.

The word of Pagerwesi means fence that made from iron. That word is literally symbolize everything fenced will looked strong and sturdy. Or in other meaning, everything fenced are something that has a high value so that it can’t be ruined or get any disruption. Sanghyang Pramesti Guru who become the main purpose of Pagerwesi implementation was a God manifestation that believed as a teacher of human beings yet universe.

pagerwesi1The implementation of Pagerwesi is really unique and different with other ceremonies, because it is held on the middle of night. This ceremony dedicated to Panca Maha Butha which is 5 elements of human beings formation that consist of soil, water, fire, wind, and space. After holding this ceremony, the next activity is doing Yoga-Samadhi to calm the soul and mind in order to refuse many bad desires.

Pagerwesi Feast Celebration is a sequence of Saraswati Day, and for those who would like to see and watch culture ceremony on Pagerwesi Day, kindly plunge into social area and socialize with common people, there you can feel the atmosphere and existence of this ceremony.

Philosophy meaning of Pagerwesi Day is living without teacher or leader equals living without guidance, with leader existence we could know which things that allowed and not allowed to be done. Without teacher or leader, we could lose the direction of life and entered into a wrong way. That immortal knowledge become the real “iron fence” to protect our life in current world and another world later on. Knowledge could be more meant if there is a teacher or a leader that can guide, teach, and protect.


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