Mesuryak – Find Out The Joy of Throwing Coins Festival

This Bali unique traditional ceremony is held in Banjar Bongan, Bali. Mesuryak is done by throwing up coins in the day of Kuningan or ten days after Galungan day. The aim is to present provision to the ancestry, which is believed coming in the day of Galungan and return to Nirvana on the Kuningan Day. Kuningan day falls every six months has its own meaning for the citizens of Banjar Bongan Gede, Bongan vilage, distric of Tabanan. Local people have a tradition held every mesuryak brass or ten days after Galungan day.

The tradition of mesuryak aims to bring back to the ancestral spirits of heaven rejoice with the mesuryak loka (cheer) while fighting over a number of money. Mesuryak started at around 9: 00 am: until 11.00.

Beginning with the start of the worshipping House each of the citizens, then continued in the family shrine were (family temple), and the interface of the Pura Kayangan Tiga. After the procession is over, mesuryak traditions will began.

The whole family worshipping in the reigns of scrambled to apply for salvation to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, as well as to the ancestors who were at home since the day of Galungan and Kuningan.Then proceed with the mesuryak procession carries all supplies such as banten and ceremony of offerings to the front entrance of the House respectively. Then the elders chanting prayers closed with mesuryak.

Each family provide some money (coin or paper). The money was thrown into the air is welcomed by the citizens. Men, women, kids scramble and traying to get the money. An atmosphere full of joy was created.

Mesuryak aims at delivering the ancestral spirits returning to heaven. We bring rejoicing with joy and cheer while throwing money into the air that contested a lot of people.The amount of money used in the mesuryak varies depending on economic ability of citizens. The hereditary tradition is still carried out every six months to coincide with Kuningan day.


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