Identify The Uniqueness of Balinese Offering

In every ceremony in the Hindus temple, the Hindus usually make offerings to the God called ‘Gebogan’. There are two kinds of ‘Gebogan’. First is ‘gebogan’ that contains with Balinese flowers. The second is ‘gebogan’ that contains Balinese fruit. ‘Gebogan’ which dedicated to God is kind of ‘gebogan’ that contain with Balinese fruits. Basically, there are arrangements of fruit, colorful flowers, chicken roasted and sweet cakes stacked on top of one another, forming cylindrical towers. These objects are not always combined together, however, and you will often find ‘gebogan’ made up of either just flowers or fruit, depending on the purpose.

The offerings are attached to a banana tree trunk by sharp bamboo skewers. The base of a ‘gebogan’ can be either a wooden ‘dulang’ or a metal ‘bokor’ which support the weight of the tower. Coconut-leaf decorations, known as ‘sampian’, ornament the top of the offerings.

What is included in ‘gebogan’ will vary from one part of Bali to another based on local tradition. But the offering is always a gorgeous sight to be hold. After they finished to make the ‘Gebogan’ they bring it to the temple to be prayed over. Once all the rituals are over, the ‘gebogan’ are taken home and the food is shared amongst family and friends. Since food spoils quickly in the tropics, it is either consumed straight away or given away to visitors.

If you ever visit Balinese post-ceremony time, they will surely offer you fruit and cakes which come straight off a ‘gebogan’. Traditionally, ‘gebogan’ only served as offerings to God and were symbolic of all that is found in nature. These days, however, ‘gebogan’ also function as decorations or ornaments for hotels, parties, special occasions, just like ornamental bamboo poles (penjor).


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