The Unique Tradition in Bali

Untitled-1-omd-omdnUnique tradition seems never ending happen in Bali. As you know bali have many unique tradition, one of which is Omed-omedan tradition in Sesetan Village, Denpasar. Omed-omedan tradition is held on every years, after Nyepi day or The day is Silence. Omed-omedan is the tradition originate from a fight between a male and female pig that took place in the village hundreds of years ago. A represent the push and pull of positive & negative elements. Omed-omedan, which means pulling is a ceremony for the youths of the village to express their joy on the first day of the new year.

Untitled-3-omd-omdnMales and females stood side by side of the village main road while waiting the signal of the Hindu leader then both sides approached the center of the road. Male participants pulled and kissed the female participants while other villagers poured buckets of water towards them. This ritual had been around for at least 100 years and could only be participated in by the people of Banjar Kaja Sesetan village, and it is not clear when mass kissing was incorporated into the Bali tradition. Actually, this tradition is one of a great way to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Many couples are succeed to enter their marriage by joining this tradition, said a participant in the ceremony. The pecalang opened with a prayer while traditional village guards secured the area. Omed-omedan was held on a day later after Nyepi so as not to disturb the observance of the Day of Silence. Balinese Hindus traditionally observe Nyepi as a day of  reflection. Adherents are prohibited from lighting fires or using electricity, working, traveling or engaging in any form of entertainment.

Untitled-2-omd-omdnMany people misunderstand that traditions is a tradition of mass kiss. Omed-omedan derived from the omed meaning pull. So omed-omedan means mutual attraction. The procession begins with worship at the Banjar temple, all the participants omed-omedan beggad permission to be granted to the ancestors of safety. After that omed-omedan began.

Omed-omedan originally only take place in Puri area (area of Kingdom) only. Omed-omedan tradition never stopped. However when the omed-omedan tradition terminated the plague struck the village. Many strange thing popping up. Like a pig who suddenly kissing each other in the village street. Then, the omed-omedan tradition be held again.


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