Mretekan in Tabanan Bali

Bali have many unique culture and now we talk about culture in Tabanan, Bali. There is Mreteka Merana. Mretekan ceremony is often held by Hindu in Tabanan regency, especially by Krama Subak(People who manage the local subak system) in Bedha village, Bongan. Think of the people here mainly work as farmer, rice farmer to be sure. So then this ceremony which related with safety, prosperity of the plants especially rice pants, often held periodically like Masembuhan and Nanggeluk Merana. Or not periodically (Nabgata Kala) like Ngalepeh and Mreteka Merana.

This ceremony not a regular ceremony where people do in every place although the bedha village has done this ceremony regularly so that this ceremony considered as Loka Dresta (local culture) moreover this ceremony held in holy place that is Penataran Baleagung Pura Puseh Luhur Bedha, but from the result of this ceremony, it is surely give a real result for the farmer Mreteka Merana consisted by 2 words Mreteka and kata Merana. Mreteka means ceremony, Merana means pest. The purpose of this ceremony is to sanctify the spirit of the pest to come back where it belongs and re-existing to the world.

This Mreteka Merana is a Bhuta Yadnya. Bhuta Yadnya is a ceremony without cuntaka (Unholy) . There many kinds of Bhuta Yadnya like Kite from animal skins, burying animal, and drowned the animal in the sea or lake which called mulang pekelem and also mreteka merana.Untitled-1-tbn.jpg

In Bedha village this ceremony held when there’s an uncontrollable number explosion of rats or any pests.

  1.      How to do Mreteka Merana

Based on the content of Kerti Cama manuscript and Purwana Yama Tatwa manuscript, using a false body called sekah, consisted of bones and skins of mouse. This is the one that cremated which has the same way as for ngaben for people. Because we need mouse’s parts in this ceremony therefore we will kill the mouse. This killing is justifiable by Purwana Yama Tatwa manuscript, as long as the killing is not using any cold steel (Haywa pinatian dening sanjata malandep, apan hilang gunaning sanjata ika, lan ngawe tuaken cuntaka ). Because the sharpness of the tool we use to kill will be lost and cuntaka. The killing has to be done by binding, clipped with cactus and drowned in the sea. Based on the content of Usada Sawah manuscript, the forms of Sekah consist of 5 , because rat is formed by placenta, blood, fetal membrane and lamad. Placenta, yellow rat, Blood, red rat, fetal membrane, black rat, Lamad whie mouse the color of the rat is the symbol for sekah(pengawak) .

  1.      Time of Mreteka Merana

Based on the content of Purwana Yama manuscript, the time is in the month of rats (kapreteka nangken rasi tikus). If this ceremony not to be done the rats will destroy the plants, that’s why people says that rats came from a man with bad attitude in his past life.


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