The Complex Dance

Untitled-1-palawakya.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! Artist in north Bali with the support of Culture and Tourism Department  has work to rise the Palawakya Dance so the dance which was created by Pan Wandres now can be on the same level with Teruna Jaya Dance which born in the same place. But the Palawakya dance is harder to learn that Teruna Jaya. Besides it difficult to learn, Palawakya dance is also unique because it combine dancing and singing. So to perform Palawakya Dancer have to be good not only to dance but also to sing and play Gamelan.

But because the dance is more famous than before, it bring some worry from some artist and the art observer that if the originality of the dance will fade. This come after a lot of show with different move. Some artist says that if you dance differently from the original it is not a palawakya dance.

Untitled-3-palawakya.jpgBut the problem is people now days is confused which one is the original dance, and not many who knows the exact dance movement. To filter some version, controversy, and aspiration that comes up, The Buleleng Department of Art and culture held a workshop to find the true identity of this dance.

Nyoman Sujana, an all-can-do artist correct that the development of this dance has change a lot. That changes that makes a lot of version, because every creator surely has different ability in forwarding it to generations over generations. Even way before there is a problem for the original creator, because every people has its own argument for the original creator of the dance.

From the workshop decided that Palawakya Dance is a symbol from a poet, song composer and a singer. So the dance must be adopting the poet movement. Therefore even there are some different in some move it can be detected that the dancer is adopting the poet. Like Hanoman dancer, even there are some different movement but the characteristic must have the same from the form.

People say that long time ago the creator of the dance known by two speaker. This two sit behind the dancer and improvise by slipping contextual advises even comedic. So that the dance can be danced for long time. But now this dance only use one speaker and it is seriously giving advice without any improvisation. Therefore it need to be re-make to rise the name of Palawakya Dance Shining again.


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