The Unique Old Tradition “Sampi Gerumbungan”

Untitled-2-smpi.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! Bali island with the beautiful scenery of nature and the unique tradition and culture make tourists come to Bali. In Buleleng regency have unique tradition that is Sampi Gerumbungan. Sampi Gerumbungan is a one of the icons of Buleleng regency. North Bali owned Sampi Gerumbungan that not concern with velocity of cows, but you  will enjoy the appearance of a pair of cows with unique ornament with her sais. This is a cow race attraction that was held in a series of Lovina Festival at Kaliasem village, this attraction amazed me and other tourists. Attractions of a jockey who run their favorite cow decorated with various jewels in the middle field is a very unique thing I’ve ever seen.

This old tradition is unique and must be preserved. It is really a great experience to be involved in this activity.These unique traditions are sought after by travelers. Sampi Gerumbungan is distinctive culture of Buleleng because the assessment is more focused on beauty, unlike in other places that only assess the speed.

Untitled-3-smpiThis was not an ordinary race. It is about the compatibility of how a jockey controls the cows, so they can run orderly. Several pair of cows, harness with yokes, pulling a sort of sled and oversize wooden bells called “Gerumbungan” hung on their necks. Running a cross the muddy filed back and forth competing to be the best. It is not about speed, but how the cows runs in harmony, while the jockeys tries to control them.This event “Sampi Gerumbungan” is actually an opportunity for farmers of Buleleng regency to come together and to celebrate a bountiful harvest, as well to express their gratitude to God.

Sampi Gerumbungan attraction not only held on Lovina Festival. But conducted regularly on the anniversary of Singaraja City and Independence Day of Republic Indonesia. This is the Buleleng traditional arts attractions that must be preserved and continue to be staged.


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