Mesabatan Biu “Banana War”


A wide variety of unique tradition in the island of Bali is very interesting to observe and reviews. The tradition is an attraction for tourists, both national and international to visit the island of Bali, because no other area that has the same tradition. The diversity of traditions that is the wealth of this island. One of them is the tradition Mesabatan Biu or Banana War in Tenganan village.

Tenganan an old village in the land of the Gods is also known as Bali Aga village, has a ceremonial and a unique tradition that banana war or mesabatan Biu. The execution time of the ceremony aci katiga around late March and early April in the village of Daud Tukad Tenganan, Manggis district, Karangasem regency. The uniqueness of this ceremony is thick with the feel of ritual and religion and run for generations by the people of Tenganan, increase the diversity of customs and traditions that exist in Bali which makes the travelers who vacation in Bali became curious to find out, because that makes them interested not the only attraction which  but many other factors such as culture and tradition, hospitality, creative arts, rituals, security, a wide range of theme parks and much more.


Banana war or mesabatan ceremony was held in the courtyard Biu Bale Agung temple, in the framework of the inauguration of the chairman and deputy chairman of the local youth. Followed by 16 youth villages selected by kelian customary to contrast with two people (candidates for chairman and vice). Before the ceremony began these youths looking for banana and coconut, and banana to be used as a weapon of war. All 16 youths gathered in one place, at the end of the village about 300 meters from the temple Bale Agung, changed daily with use sarong, udeng and no shirt and showed they were adults, and all 2 lads already standing on the road opposite. The elders man sitting sitting on a bale which is located in the innards Bale Agung, while the mother prepared a special to eat, megibung (ritual meal together). The father, young people and children, lined the road seem to be witnessing the war, culture and traditions is indeed quite unique.

Once there the cue from kelian customary Tenganan Daud Tukad, a sign the war began, the youths with a step and a half ran toward the middle of the road between the temple and the end of the road, and here the war began, two young men who were subjected to war and allowed to fight would be overwhelmed by a war that is not balanced, yet their feet kept walking toward the temple, because they should not be stopped, let alone to hurriedly and fell, if that happens they will be deemed a failure and does not deserve to be a leader. The ceremony will end after the 2nd candidate and deputy chairman of this young man to the gate Pura Bale Agung, so that after passing through the gate they were considered a pass and with bruised face. Tenganan is a unique addition to the tradition of the banana, also have a tradition of pandanus war or Mekaré-kare.



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