The Center of Gamelan Craft in Bali

Untitled-5-gong.jpgTihingan Village in Banjarangkan sub district is the center of Gong gamelan production. Its production is start with crude work then expert work to synchronize the gong sound. This, the most important thing is the expertise to synchronize the gong sound. In Tihingan village there are 2 pande (expert) gong maker groups.This Village is location in Banjarangkan sub district and can be reached with 2 wheels or 4 wheels vehicles. About 3 km go to the west of Semarapura city. The road to Tihingan is well enough.

The word gamelan in the Balinese context is thought to originate from the word ‘magambel’ which means “to hit”. A gamelan instrument is often percussive with keyed xylophones or pot gongs made of a variety of materials, gongs of various sizes, double-headed drums and cymbals.
However, not all Balinese gamelan instruments are percussive. There are also wind, bowed, plucked and strummed instruments.

Untitled-2-gong.jpgThe village community in general has work as a maker or craftsman gamelan. So don’t be surprised if you past or visit this village there are many places or workshops to make gamelan. Tihingan village as one of the attractions  in Klungkung, it is expected to raise the economy by gamelan industry in Klungkung area.

Gamelan is made in the village is a bona fide Tihingan special features, good to hear his voice and enjoyed. Many local and foreign tourists come to this Tihingan village attracted to order and buy a set of gamelan Gong and to be brought to the place of origin. To support a variety of community arts activities of this village, many established art-shop for selling and displaying a variety of artistic products gamelan it.

Untitled-4-gong.jpgBeside you can see the process how to make Balinese gamelan there, the most importance think that you must have first are you should to try playing the Balinese Gamelan. you need skill and you must know about the tone of playing gamelan.

The people of Tihing village are very famous in Bali as they are expert of making gamelan instrument like Gong, Other Gamelan instrument gende. Except Gong, The people in this village can make all kind of gamelan Bali like: Semara Pegulingan, Gender puppet, Kelentangan/Angklung and other, made of kerawang metal. Their expertise may descended by their ancient from hundred years ago. It can be approved by looking at Gamelan instrument having by many villages. Their village (Tihingan) is written on those gamelan. The gamelan has become famous in the world and many foreign tourists come to Tihingan and reserve Gong to be brought to their country.Untitled-3-gong.jpg




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