The Center Of Balinese Traditional Painting

Untitled-1-kmsan.jpgKamasan Village is a center of Balinese traditional painting and sculpture which is located in Klungkung District, Klungkung. From Kuta, this village is approximately 43 km to the east. This village could be reached by any vehicles or public transportation, because all of the road heading to Kamasan is in good condition. From Kuta, you can go through Denpasar, and then Ida Bagus Mantra Bypass. After that follow the route heading Klungkung. At Batu Klotok, turn left and you will arrive at Gelgel Village. From here, you are only a few meters away from Kamasan Village.

Kamasan is a village on Bali, Indonesia. It is situated just to the north of Gelgel, in the Klungkung regency. Kamasan has a cultural importance on a Bali-wide level. The various ‘traditional’ styles of painting on modern Bali are derived from the Kamasan style, which in turn takes it patterns from ancient Java. Historically, artists from Kamasan were used by the many raja courts that existed on Bali up to the early twentieth century. The village also provided gold- and silversmiths, dancers, musicians and puppeteers. The painters have a particular ward in Kamasan, the Banjar Sangging. The smiths are located in another ward, the Banjar Pande Mas.

Untitled-3-kmsn.jpgKamasan is famous for its community of Balinese traditional painting artists. The originality, authenticity, and long time development resulting a separate style of Balinese paintings which is called Kamasan Style. Although the materials that are used to paint have undergone evolution, the theme of the painting is still the same, about wayang (Balinese puppet) characters. Actually, this village’s artists do not only good in painting, but also the other arts like gold and silver sculpting and the latest popular art, bullet sculpting.

This village is also completed with an exhibition hall and art shop, located about 50 meters on the west of Sangging region. A rehearsal painting studio was also built by Nyoman Mandra in his own house. The tourists who visit Kamasan are often come to the artists house and workshops to see directly the process of creating paintings or sculptures. The access for every place in this village is also in good condition, so vehicles can easily pass it. There is also another alternative for the tourist who want to travel around the village by riding Balinese traditional gig, Dokar.



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