Perang Api “Terteran Tradition”

Untitled-2-apii.jpgWe can find a unique tradition in the district of Karangasem, one of which thrive in the Jasri village called Terteran or a flame war. The ceremonial procession yadnya, held two years (at the time of even-numbered years) coincides in pengrupukan day (the day before Nyepi). Karangasem regency in addition has a tourist attraction in Bali, is also loaded with a variety of unique traditions, as well as pandanus war in the village of Tenganan, rattan war in the village of Seraya in the know with gebuk Ende.

Untitled-3-apii.jpgEverything becomes tourism assets to boost local revenue. Terteran own taste of the word tar, which means shooting and teer means the show, and concluded to be showing strength, while relation in ritual ceremonies yadnya show the power to melt the crime and disasters, in the implementation of yadnya this procession is done by throwing using sleep (torch) from dried palm leaves, then burned and thrown to their opponents. This tradition has been grown since ancient times when the royal era Waturenggong. This flame war is not like gebug Ende mass or pandanus war that competed individually. The ritual involves a lot of people who are divided into two groups, and then attack each other. Jasri village itself can be taken within 2 hours drive from Denpasar, is located in the West of Amlapura. If you visit here either driving a private vehicle or rental car, you can visit to enjoy attractions nearby such as Turkish Labuhan Amuk place Odyssey Submarine, Candidasa, village of Bali Aga Tenganan, white sands beach Prasi, Turkish Jasri, Taman Ujung Soekasada, Tirtagannga and Amed, so that in the course of your tour is not boring especially enjoy the rural atmosphere with true Balinese culture. Moreover, the unique traditions such as ter-Teran this.

Untitled-4-apii.jpgThis massive flame war involving local residents, this terteran only by men both young and old, they divide themselves into two groups, namely the citizens of the North and the South village hall. They will attack each other after the cue in the ring. Two groups will throw their torches to the opposing party, even less about their own friends or spectator. The torch amid the stuffed sticks in order to throw further and accurate, the players do not wear clothes, only use cloth. Towards Terteran ritual is celebrated, traffic flow is diverted to the Jasri village  for 3 hours, this tradition began around 6 pm, lighting accidentally turned off, as well as aiming the camera flashes of the tense moment. A noise seemed to give spirit  for the players, especially when a player is carrying the torch. their passion burning to attack and throw, even if exposed to fire no serious burns need to be treated medically, only sprinkled with holy water (Tirta) and petitioned the Lord, gradually wound heal faster. All the tradition heritage is well developed in Bali, even grow sustainably. Including this Terteran, will never fade. Moreover, they do along with a series of rituals that will never recede. To neutralize this world from evil forces. In this case Bali Tours Club, is committed to continuously update information about Bali, be it culture, tradition, art and attractions targeted tourist arrivals, as well as services such as a tour service, car rental, hotel vouchers online, tickets for recreational rafting , watersport in the foreland Benoa, cruise and submarine odyssey submarine.


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