Bali Sacred Dance

Untitled-2-rejang.jpgHello good people, as you know Bali has a lot of art and culture, now I want to tell you one of the many art in Bali, there is Rejang Dewa Dance.  Rejang Dewa is a sacred dance that usually performs during the temple ceremony procession. This dance normally danced by the very young girls who have not been yet menstruating. The costume of the Rejang Dewa dance is very typical a white-yellow nuanced and wear a head dresses or Gelungan made of young coconut leaves decorated with flowers. The dancers also wearing a shawl that in some of its movements dancing it in circle formation, this is also has the meaning to cleanse the place.

Rejang, an ancient dance performs only in a temple anniversary in inner courtyard of the temple to delight and entertain the visiting god and spirit. Rejang consist of a slow procession, but participants conduct themselves with extreme grace and delicacy. It is a dignified and elegant affair. Compare to other Balinese dances, rejang is the most dream-like dance, surpassing all one can imagine of smooth, unending motion. It is accompanied by mysterious old melody subtle, smooth as the dance and with the similar feeling of infinity.

Untitled-3-rejang.jpgThe Rejang Dance is a collective women’s dance. It is a sacrificial dance in which the offerings to the God are the dancers themselves. The Rejang dancers must be girls who are still pure, often even little girls six years of age.

The dancers are led by a Pemangku (temple-priest) who dances foremost. Behind him is a row of Rejang dancers, holding a piece of thread which is held by the Pemangku and passed on backwards. Sometimes they use fans, sometimes not. The rhythm of the Rejang Dance is very slow and the movements so simply that any girl can dance then. The dance is performed at day time in the Pura.


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