Celebrating New Year Tradition

Untitled-2-prng-air.jpgVarious ways of the world community to welcome the new year 2017. Including the residents of the Village People Suwat, Gianyar Bali which has a unique way of celebrating the new year. None of its citizens allowed to leave the village. These residents are expected to gather in the village still celebrate together and rejoice. In addition to maintaining a sense of brotherhood also avoid unwanted things when choosing to celebrate each out of the village.

Since this afternoon around 16:30 pm, January 01, 2017 ranging from children, and parents of the young couple had gathered in the village bale. Dressed in traditional Balinese dress them before deliver to worship together and followed by a ceremony melukad or ruwatan.

With the ever one hopes that in 2017, the fountain was never interrupted in this village and kept poking fertilize fields and plantations. After Ritual Ruwatan, they immediately cheered pour water on top. And then divided into four groups show signs of water war will begin.

In each group appears already provided a bucket of water and prepared by the committee’s customary procession water wars. Once acne village or gong sounded, they were running around chasing each other and mutually flush. The laughter and excitement seen from them. Even apparent mingling between men and women. Also there holding each other and then pouring water. Interestingly it was also done by mothers and parents. There is everybody spraying water to each other.

Springs in this village, believed to be a cure all sorts of diseases and a major consumer of water at the time of the royal nobles. This event,  just show the joy of the villagers. Will therefore continue to be revived as a popular entertainment ever handed down by their ancestors.



One thought on “Celebrating New Year Tradition

  1. Aw I loved reading about this tradition, I love learned about different cultures and the unique things they do to celebrate! How majestic, thanks for sharing!

    xo, JJ


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