Barong type may not be known – Let’s see

barong,barong dance,bali,balinese cultue,culture


Barong is one of character in mythology of Bali. Barong is the king of spirits and leader of the hosts of good.The main enemy of Barong is rangda. The battle between Barong and Rangda is featured in Barong dance to represent the eternal battle between good and evil.But do you know if Barong my types with different appearance ? check this out.

Barong Ket

barong,barong dance,bali,balinese culture,culture


Barong Ket is the most popular Barong and the most often staged in Bali .Barong Ket has a blend of shapes among cow,lion,tiger and dragon and gold carvings adorning Barong’s body. Barong’s hair is made from a combination of pandan leaves and fibers.There is also wearing crow’s hair.

Barong Bangkal

barong,barong dance,bali,balinese culture,culture


Barong Bangkal is a Barong with shape of wild boar. Barong bangkal is usually performed by dancing to someone’s house or around village. Barong Bangkal will be performs in every special day such as Galungan Day or Kuningan Day.This Barong can be found all over Bali.

Barong Macan

barong,barong dance,bali,balinese culture,culture


Barong Macan is shaped like a tiger. This barong is almost similar with Barong Ket, but with trips skin and tiger face. usually, this barong performances are also equipped with Arja (traditional Balinese opera).

Barong Gajah

barong,barong dance,bali,Balinese culture,culture


Barong Gajah is shaped like elephant.This kind of Barong who very rare because it is very sacred. Barong Gajah can only be found in some places in Bali like Gianyar,Badung,Bangli and Tabanan.

Barong Asu

barong,barong dance, culture,bali,


Asu means Dog, so Barong Asu is a form of Barong with dog shape. Just like Barong Gajah, Barong Asu is also a rare barong type. This barong is only available in some villages in Tabanan and Badung areas.

Barong Landung

barong,barong dance, culture,bali,Balinese,


Barong Landung is a one of Barong which resembles a human.This barong has height about of 2 meters. Barong Landung also is a very sacred barong. Balinese people believe if this barong can casts out evil spirits that disturb humans. A male figure named Jero Gede, while a female figure named Jero Luh.

Barong Brutuk

barong,barong dance, culture,bali,


Among all Barong, Barong Brutuk is the most rare Barong in Bali.We can only found in Trunyan Village,Bangli Regency. This barong mask is made of coconut shells and the costumes of dried banana leaf. Barong Brutuk performed with a long whip.


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