Ngurek-Balinese extreme tradition

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Bali is very popular with its customs diversity and culture. Majority of Balinese still retain their ancestral heritage. One of the traditions is ngurek that very extreme. Ngurek done by hurt own self by sticking a Keris weapon to the body and done in a state of unconsciousness .Ngurek is very closely related to religious rituals of Hindu and carried out in most areas of Bali as a form of devotion to God.



Ngurek comes from the word “urek” which means punching or poking. Surprisingly the person who was doing Ngurek seemed not to feel pain is caused by “supernatural help” in the process possessed by a spirit other than the essence of its own soul.. But usually abstinence can’t be arrogant.

ngurek-tradition-bali.jpgNgurek tradition is not known when it started, it is said this happened in the kingdom of glory. At that time the king wanted to make a party whose purpose was to show gratitude to the creator and at the same time to please his soldiers. After the number of ceremonies, then start the stage, ranging from cockfighting, to the dances that show superiority the soldiers.


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