Ramayana’s Story



Early Stories told Sri Rama is a crown prince of the Ayodya Kingdom. One day, due to the cunning of Kekayi (stepmother), Sri rama was exiled to Dadanka Forest accompanied by his younger brother (Laksmana) and his wife (Goddess Sita). Hearing the news that they were exiled, Rahwana (King Alengka) who admired the beauty of the confounded goddess, making a ploy to kidnap the goddess of confiscation assisted by his Patih (Marica). With magic, Marica transformed into a beautiful golden deer. Because the Goddess Sita is attracted by the golden deer, the Goddess Sita asks Rama to catch the deer for her. Rama was chasing the golden deer and entrusted the goddess to Laksmana.



After a while, Rama does not return and the goddess begins to worry. He asked Laksmana to follow the Rama into the middle of the forest. Laksmana had refused because he had promised to Rama not to leave the goddess alone. But because Laksmana pity to see the goddess sad, finally he followed the Rama.



Before Laksmana leaves, he makes a circle of fire that surrounds the Goddess Sita with his kris (weapon) so that no one can kidnap it. But there is taboo; Goddess Sita can’t get out of the fire. No less sensible, a very cunning Rahwana transformed into an old grandfather. Rahwana who transformed into an old grandfather approached the goddess of confiscation. Old grandfather (Rahwana) is asking alms to Goddess Sita. Because Goddess Sita pity to see the grandfather, GoddessSita  gave alms and out of the circle of fire. At that time Rahwana returns to its original form (Monster with ten heads) and brings the goddess Sita to the Alengka Kingdom.

On a trip to Alengka, a bird named Jatayu (friend of Rama) sees Rahwana going with Sita, then Jatayu pursues Rahwana and engages the fight. Unfortunately Jatayu lost the battle. With severe injuries, Jatayu goes to find Rama and Laksmana to report the incident. After reporting to Rama and Laksmana, Jatayu finally died.



Hanuman was sent to go to the Alengka Kingdom to know the power of Rahwana’s army.Upon arriving at Alengka, Hanuman saw Goddess Sita and told the purpose of his arrival. Hanuman begins to make trouble in the Alengka Kingdom until finally Hanuman is captured by Rahwana troops. Hanuman was then sentenced with fire. Instead of burning, Hanuman instead burned the entire contents of the kingdom. After which Hanuman returned and reported the incident.

Rama vs Rahwana.jpg
Rama and Laksmana and the troops of Hanuman’s monkeys set out to attack Alengka .Initially Alengka kingdom led by Indrajid, after Indrajid lost against Rama troops, Alengka troops led by Kumbakarna (Rahwana’s brother).Kumbakarna can also be buried by Rama troops. Finally Rahwana came down to face Rama. In the battle that is very terrible Rahwana also died from Rama heirloom arrows and flanked by Mount Sumawana who brought Hanuman. 


After the war ended, Rama became extinct Sita. Would Rama refuse to return to Sita and assume Sita has been tainted by Rahwana. So Rama asked for proof of his sanctity, which is self-fortifying. Because of his holiness and helped by the God of Fire, Dewi Sita was saved and Rama received it back with a sense of emotion and happiness. They went back to Ayodya Kingdom to take the kingdom.


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