Perang Api “Terteran Tradition”

Untitled-2-apii.jpgWe can find a unique tradition in the district of Karangasem, one of which thrive in the Jasri village called Terteran or a flame war. The ceremonial procession yadnya, held two years (at the time of even-numbered years) coincides in pengrupukan day (the day before Nyepi). Karangasem regency in addition has a tourist attraction in Bali, is also loaded with a variety of unique traditions, as well as pandanus war in the village of Tenganan, rattan war in the village of Seraya in the know with gebuk Ende. Continue reading


Mesabatan Biu “Banana War”


A wide variety of unique tradition in the island of Bali is very interesting to observe and reviews. The tradition is an attraction for tourists, both national and international to visit the island of Bali, because no other area that has the same tradition. The diversity of traditions that is the wealth of this island. One of them is the tradition Mesabatan Biu or Banana War in Tenganan village.

Tenganan an old village in the land of the Gods is also known as Bali Aga village, has a ceremonial and a unique tradition that banana war or mesabatan Biu. The execution time of the ceremony aci katiga around late March and early April in the village of Daud Tukad Tenganan, Manggis district, Karangasem regency. The uniqueness of this ceremony is thick with the feel of ritual and religion and run for generations by the people of Tenganan, increase the diversity of customs and traditions that exist in Bali which makes the travelers who vacation in Bali became curious to find out, because that makes them interested not the only attraction which  but many other factors such as culture and tradition, hospitality, creative arts, rituals, security, a wide range of theme parks and much more. Continue reading

Gebug Ende Tradition

Explore The East Bali!!! The village of Seraya, the home of Gebug Ende dance is situated on the eastern tip of Bali (Karangasem regency). This eastern tip is known as the driest area in Bali and the scarcity of water is a daily problem in this area especially during the hot season.

Bali has many various cultures and traditions. Each of Balinese traditions has its own meaning and uniqueness. One of unique tradition is Gebug Ende. Gebug means hit with all one’s might using a cane made from rattan with 1,5-2 meters length. Ende means shield that used for parry a punches. Gebug Ende has an arts element, such a mixture of dance and dancer’s dexterity to play their cane and shield where while this attraction is going on, it is accompaniment by Gamelan rhythm which push ahead the dancer’s spirit to punch, avoid, and parry each other. Continue reading

Mageret Pandan Tradition

Untitled-3-war.jpgExplore The East Bali!!! Bali has various unique traditions, all tradition still keep by the Balinese people until now. One of the tradition is Mekare – Kare or Famous name Perang Pandan ( Pandan War ). This tradition still keep by people who stay at Tenganan, Manggis district, Karangasem regency. This event is carried out during the “Ngusaba” ceremony of the temple. The purpose of this ceremony is to request a good rice harvest.

Trust adopted Tenganan villagers are different from Balinese people in general. Tenganan Villagers have written rules or awig-awig that hereditary bequeathed by their ancestors, also did not recognize caste and believed to be the god Indra is the god of all gods. Lord Indra is the god of war. Historically Tenganan was a gift from God Indra to wong peneges, the ancestral village of Tenganan. While the Balinese Hindus in general makes the Tri Murti Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as the supreme god. Continue reading

The Unique Old Tradition “Sampi Gerumbungan”

Untitled-2-smpi.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! Bali island with the beautiful scenery of nature and the unique tradition and culture make tourists come to Bali. In Buleleng regency have unique tradition that is Sampi Gerumbungan. Sampi Gerumbungan is a one of the icons of Buleleng regency. North Bali owned Sampi Gerumbungan that not concern with velocity of cows, but you  will enjoy the appearance of a pair of cows with unique ornament with her sais. This is a cow race attraction that was held in a series of Lovina Festival at Kaliasem village, this attraction amazed me and other tourists. Attractions of a jockey who run their favorite cow decorated with various jewels in the middle field is a very unique thing I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Mretekan in Tabanan Bali

Bali have many unique culture and now we talk about culture in Tabanan, Bali. There is Mreteka Merana. Mretekan ceremony is often held by Hindu in Tabanan regency, especially by Krama Subak(People who manage the local subak system) in Bedha village, Bongan. Think of the people here mainly work as farmer, rice farmer to be sure. So then this ceremony which related with safety, prosperity of the plants especially rice pants, often held periodically like Masembuhan and Nanggeluk Merana. Or not periodically (Nabgata Kala) like Ngalepeh and Mreteka Merana. Continue reading

The Unique Tradition in Bali

Untitled-1-omd-omdnUnique tradition seems never ending happen in Bali. As you know bali have many unique tradition, one of which is Omed-omedan tradition in Sesetan Village, Denpasar. Omed-omedan tradition is held on every years, after Nyepi day or The day is Silence. Omed-omedan is the tradition originate from a fight between a male and female pig that took place in the village hundreds of years ago. A represent the push and pull of positive & negative elements. Omed-omedan, which means pulling is a ceremony for the youths of the village to express their joy on the first day of the new year. Continue reading