Famous Traditional Dance in Bali

barong2.jpgThe Barong is a mythological being in Bali that takes the form of a four-legged wild animal. The Barong Dance has always been popular in Bali. It is danced by two men, one man dancing the head and forelegs and other playing the hind legs and tail. The wel-known barong in Bali are the Barong Keket, the Barong Kalekek and Barong Landung. Continue reading


Bali Sacred Dance

Untitled-2-rejang.jpgHello good people, as you know Bali has a lot of art and culture, now I want to tell you one of the many art in Bali, there is Rejang Dewa Dance.  Rejang Dewa is a sacred dance that usually performs during the temple ceremony procession. This dance normally danced by the very young girls who have not been yet menstruating. The costume of the Rejang Dewa dance is very typical a white-yellow nuanced and wear a head dresses or Gelungan made of young coconut leaves decorated with flowers. The dancers also wearing a shawl that in some of its movements dancing it in circle formation, this is also has the meaning to cleanse the place. Continue reading

The Complex Dance

Untitled-1-palawakya.jpgExplore The North Bali!!! Artist in north Bali with the support of Culture and Tourism Department  has work to rise the Palawakya Dance so the dance which was created by Pan Wandres now can be on the same level with Teruna Jaya Dance which born in the same place. But the Palawakya dance is harder to learn that Teruna Jaya. Besides it difficult to learn, Palawakya dance is also unique because it combine dancing and singing. So to perform Palawakya Dancer have to be good not only to dance but also to sing and play Gamelan. Continue reading

The Amazing Welcome Dance You Have to See, Pendet Dance

Pendet Dance is a the oldest welcome dance on Bali Island. This dance has become an inseparable part of the spiritual life of the Hindus in Bali. According to some records, balinese art experts agreed that Pendet Dance was born in 1950. Pendet Dance performed not only for welcome important guests, but in every Balinese dance performances, Pendet Dance is always used as the main opening dance.

Pendet Dance is kind of welcome dance that performed by a group of young women, each of dancers carrying a silver bowl containing colorful flowers. And at the end of the dance, the dancers sprinkle the flowers that they bring to the audience or guests who are welcomed as a welcome greeting. Continue reading