Tooth Filling Ceremony / Metatah


Tooth Filling Ceremony / Metatah

Every Balinese person is filled with many rituals or religious ceremonies. Starting from the ceremony at birth until died.The one of ceremonies that must be passed is Tooth Filling or Metatah. Tooth Filling Ceremony or Metatah  is one of the most important rituals for every Balinese individual who embraces Hindu Bali.This ceremony contains the meaning of cleansing the bad nature that are in man named Sad Ripu. The philosophy is sad ripu omitted by thinking 6 teeth symbolizing Sad Ripu.Therefore, Balinese people must be passed this ceremony.Tooth Filling Ceremony or Metatah done by adolescent children who will step on adult. 

Sad Ripu 

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Tooth Filling Ceremony / Balinese Ceremony

Sad Ripu comes from 2 words that are Sad and Ripu. Sad meaning six and Ripu meaning enemy. So literally Sad Ripu means the six enemies that are in man. This is part of Sad Ripu :

  1. Kama (Uncontrolled lust)
  2. Lobha(Greed, always want to get more)
  3. Krodha (outraged and uncontrollable anger)
  4. Mada (drunkenness that brings darkness of the mind)
  5. Moha (confusion / lack of concentration So consequently the individual can not complete the task perfectly).
  6. Matsarya (envy that causes hostility).

Balinese believe that if this celebration is not done then the person will be hard to control himself.